GSAS Research Workshops at NELC

There are several active research workshops associated with our department. The aim of the GSAS Workshops program is to encourage the establishment of ongoing collegial settings for graduate students who are learning to conceive and write scholarly articles, thesis prospectuses, and dissertations. Workshops also offer faculty members an opportunity to share drafts of scholarly work in progress. 

Each spring, at least two faculty members (plus graduate student coordinators) for each workshop are invited to submit workshop proposals for the following academic year.  Please contact for more information.

Academic Year 2022-23

Hebrew Bible Workshop

History and Archaeology of Ancient Near Eastern Societies

Methodologies in Egyptology and Mesopotamian Studies

Scribes, Texts & Libraries in the Ancient World


Workshops currently inactive or not administered by NELC:

Arabic Reading/Translation Workshop

Jewish Studies Workshop

Middle East Beyond Borders

Semitic Philology Workshop 

Songs of Longing//Pleasant Entertainment: A workshop for translating Late Egyptian hieratic & ancient Egyptian love **NELC Workshop** 

Workshop on Arabic & Islamic Studies

Workshop on Humanity & the Humanities