Do you accept unsolicited applications for either academic or administrative positions?
No. If you are interested in employment at Harvard University, please visit this page.

Whom should I contact with financial questions?
Contact Soma Roy at 617-496-6982, or roy@fas.harvard.edu

Whom should I contact to schedule an event or book one of the Semitic Museum classrooms?
Contact NELC Office at 617-495-5757, or nelc@fas.harvard.edu


I'm applying to the Ph.D/A.M program. Can I send my application materials directly to the department?
Online submission of applications is required. Please do NOT send any application materials to the department. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) of Harvard University administers admissions to the graduate programs offered in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. Please refer to the instructions provided on the GSAS admissions website.

Whom should I contact with questions about the A.B., A.M., or Ph.D. programs?
Eva Misho is NELC's student coordinator, for current undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the department contact for prospective students. Please call her at 617-496-4960, or email eva_misho@fas.harvard.edu with questions about the department’s degree programs.


I want to make an appointment to meet with a faculty member. Do I do this through the department staff?
No. All faculty primarily seated in NELC make and keep their own schedules. Please visit our faculty page for faculty contact information.There are faculty primarily seated in other departments or schools (e.g., the History Department, or the Harvard Divinity School) who may have assistants; to find those not listed on our faculty page, you may use Harvard's Online Directory.

Whom should I contact about applying as a visiting scholar?
Contact Linda Mishkin, NELC’s department administrator, at 617-496-6055, or lmishkin@fas.harvard.edu