History and Archaeology of Ancient Near Eastern Societies

Academic Year 2020-2021

Faculty Advisers:
Gojko Barjamovic, barjamovic@fas.harvard.edu
Piotr Steinkeller, steinkel@fas.harvard.edu [on leave Spring 2021]
Jason Ur, jasonur@fas.harvard.edu

Graduate Student Coordinator

The Harvard History and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East Workshop presents new and ongoing research on the ancient Near East conducted at Harvard University. Its main purpose is to introduce new and ongoing research to GSAS students, providing a setting for them to present and think about their own work and a place to receive professional developmental advice from a range of faculty and peers. At the same time, the workshop provides a key locus for promoting the intellectual and social cohesion of a dispersed community of ancient Near Eastern students and scholars at Harvard, divided between departments, divisions, and schools. It facilitates inter- departmental and inter-disciplinary interaction between archaeology, philology, history and art history, and has become a site of intellectual exchange as well as a venue at which students can build relations to academics beyond Harvard. In addition to a small number of regular guests from the Boston area attending the sessions, a select number of scholars whose work in recent years has been instrumental in shaping the field are invited to meet students and present their current research to them during the year. The workshop thus plays has an important function in allowing advanced graduate students in small fields to make themselves known to scholars beyond the university for the benefit of their future career.

Fall 2020 meetings: