History and Archaeology of Ancient Near Eastern Societies

Coordinator: Gojko Barjamovic (NELC), barjamovic@fas.harvard.edu

The main purpose of the workshop is to offer a forum for graduate students to present their work and receive constructive feedback on their research on ancient Central and Western Asia and Egypt. Students are therefore particularly encouraged to attend, and their professors are encouraged to let them know about this workshop. About half of the meetings will be dedicated to student presentations. We also arrange lectures by scholars whose work in recent years has been formative in their field. Finally, the workshop promotes the intellectual and social cohesion of the diverse community of students and scholars (archaeologists, epigraphers, historians, art historians, curators, etc) divided across many departments, divisions, and schools in the region.

Workshops begin at 5:15pm on the date indicated, Harvard Semitic Museum #201.


SPEAKERS IN 2018/2019
Michael Dietler (Chicago) Sep 5

Mar 26 (speaker TBA)
Apr 23 (speaker TBA)

SPEAKERS IN 2017/2018
Mogens Trolle Larsen (Copenhagen) Sep 6
Ulrike Steinert (Freie Universität Berlin) Sep 20
Kurt Raaflaub (Brown) Oct 25
Yan Jia (Beijing) Feb 7
David Warburton (Excellence Cluster Topoi) Apr 11
Mark Weeden (SOAS) Apr 18
Andrew George (SOAS) Sep 27
Michael Kozuh (Auburn) Oct 5
Andrew McCarthy (Edinburgh) Nov 9
Piotr Steinkeller (Harvard) Jan 25
Haider Almamori (Iraq SBAH) Feb 8
Hakan Erol (Ankara) Mar 8
Laura Hawkins (Brown) Apr 12
Melissa Cradic (Albright Inst.) Apr 26
Adam Anderson (Harvard) Sep 9
Aslıhan Yener (Koç) Oct 7
Enrique Jimenez (Yale) Oct 21
Robert Homsher (Harvard) Nov 4
Arnulf Hausleieter (DAI / ISAW) Feb 3
Kazuya Maekawa (Kyoto) Apr 20
SPEAKERS 2014/15
Irene Winter (Harvard) Oct 1
Marlena Whiting (Oxford) Oct 9
Marta Luciani (Univ. Vienna) Oct 15
Michael Seymour (Met) Oct 22
David Gurevich (Harvard)
John P.  Nielsen (Bradley) Feb 4
Matthew Rutz (Brown) Feb 11
Eleanor Robson (UCL) Feb 18
Beate Pongratz-Leisten (ISAW) Feb 25
Agnete Lassen (Yale) Mar 25
Peter Machinist (Harvard) Apr 1
Salam Kuntar (UPenn) Apr 8
Ben Foster (Yale) Apr 22
Aslı Özyar (Boğaziçi) May 6