Concentration Requirements

The Department offers study in four specific tracks for concentration:

Concentration in all four tracks may include courses not only from the NELC department, but from other departments and programs in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, as well as from other Harvard faculties, like the Divinity School, the Law School, and the Kennedy School of Government. In choosing such courses, each student will have the guidance and the approval of his or her faculty mentor/advisor and of the NELC director of undergraduate studies. Students are encouraged to begin their exploration of the concentration track that interests them through designated "gateway" courses.

Students in the NELC concentration complete the basic requirements; an honors track is an option, as is a joint concentration. In addition, all tracks have a requirement that involves the study of at least four terms of a language of the region. This is based on our conviction that facility with the appropriate language(s) is the starting point of all serious work in the study of the Near and Middle East. To further this goal, as well as to provide prolonged exposure to the civilizations of the region, the department makes possible, in conjunction with the Office of International Studies, various study abroad programs, from a summer, through one semester, to an entire year. Such programs generally take place during the student's junior year, and will receive concentration credit providing the course work falls within the concentration track and is approved by the student's mentor/advisor and the director of undergraduate studies along with the Office of International Studies. More details about the concentration are available in the NELC Undergraduate Concentrator's Handbook.

Not sure? Non-NELC concentrators may choose NELC as a secondary field.


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