FALL 2018
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ID Instructor Subject # Long Course Title
110013 Barjamovic, Gojko AKKAD 157 Introduction to Old Assyrian Language and History
114320 Barjamovic, Gojko  AKKAD AA Introductory Akkadian I
111624 Steinkeller, Piotr AKKAD 154 Peripheral Akkadian
110014 Barjamovic, Gojko ANE 103 Ancient Lives
207757 Zakovitch, Yair ANE 209 Biographies in the Hebrew Bible
112869 Alkyam, Sami ARABIC 241AR Advanced Modern Arabic Bridge: Language, Literature, and Culture I
108971 Alkyam, Sami ARABIC 242AR Arabic Five
116746 Alkyam, Sami  ARABIC AA 001 - Elementary Arabic I
116746 Alkyam, Sami  ARABIC AA 002 - Elementary Arabic I
116746 Alkyam, Sami  ARABIC AA 003 - Elementary Arabic I
116746 Alkyam, Sami ARABIC AA 004 - Elementary Arabic I
116746 Alkyam, Sami  ARABIC AA 005 - Elementary Arabic I
109425 Barmada, Nour ARABIC BA 001 - Intermediate Arabic I
109425 Barmada, Nour ARABIC BA 002 - Intermediate Arabic I
109802 El-Rouayheb, Khaled ARABIC 243BR Introduction to the Rational Sciences
114034 Granara, William ARABIC 130A Upper-Level Classical Arabic I
121346 Korica-Sullivan, Nevenka ARABIC 131A 001 - Upper-Level Modern Arabic l
121346 Korica-Sullivan, Nevenka ARABIC 131A 002 - Upper-Level Modern Arabic l
114291 Nasser, Shady ARABIC 245R Themes in Classical Arabic Literature
116764 Levenson, Jon ARAMAIC A Introduction to Biblical Aramaic
205906 Gulesserian, Lisa ARMEN AA Elementary Modern Armenian I
207657 Gulesserian, Lisa ARMEN BA Intermediate Modern Armenian I
123023 Levenson, Jon CLAS-HEB AA Elementary Classical Hebrew
116431 Levenson, Jon CLAS-HEB 120A Intermediate Classical Hebrew
122692 Levenson, Jon CLAS-HEB 130AR Rapid Reading Classical Hebrew I
160234 Manuelian, Peter EGYPTIAN 200 Egyptian Text Reading
126691 Manuelian, Peter EGYPTIAN AA The Language of the Pharaohs: Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs I
207795 Cohen, Shaye HEBREW 159 Studies in the Babylonian Talmud: Parents and Children
116498 Levenson, Jon HEBREW 218 The Joseph Story and the Book of Esther
112948 Stern, David HEBREW 153 Critical Study of Midrash
207756 Zakovitch, Yair HEBREW 204 Reading the Song of Songs
144341 Asani, Ali ISLAMCIV 241R Approaches to Studying Indo-Muslim Culture and South Asian Islam
161217 Asani, Ali ISLAMCIV 184 Muslim Devotional Literatures in South Asia: Qawwalis, Sufiana Kalam (Sufi Poetry) and the Ginans
210887 Boylston, Nicholas ISLAMCIV 138 Ethics in Islamic Tradition
121928 El-Rouayheb, Khaled ISLAMCIV 145A Introduction to Islamic Philosophy and Theology: The Classical and Medieval period
205305 Kane, Ousmane ISLAMCIV 179 Critical Perspectives on the Dynamics and Development of Islam in Africa
208302 Nasser, Shady ISLAMCIV 99 The Quran in Muslim Life and Practice
116199 Harris, Jay JEWISHST 111 Modern Jewish Thought
203082 Zaritt, Saul JEWISHST 179 Postwar Jewish American Culture
110947 Aharony, Irit MOD-HEB 120A Intermediate Modern Hebrew I
114218 Aharony, Irit MOD-HEB BA Elementary Modern Hebrew
119630 Aharony, Irit MOD-HEB 130A Advanced Modern Hebrew I
127670 Aharony, Irit MOD-HEB 241R Advanced Seminar in Modern Hebrew: Israeli Culture: Cinema & Literature
117327 Granara, William MODMDEST 200A Approaches to Middle Eastern Studies
111799 Barjamovic, Gojko NEC 98 Tutorial - Junior Year
118983 Barjamovic, Gojko NEC 99A Tutorial - Senior Year
204053 Nasser, Shady NEC 299B NELC Doctoral Colloquium: Research, Resources and Pedagogy
109546 Dayani, Sheida PERSIAN 130AR Introduction to Persian Literature: Seminar
111324 Dayani, Sheida PERSIAN BA Intermediate Persian I
123051 Dayani, Sheida PERSIAN AA Elementary Persian I
148063 Steinkeller, Piotr SUMERIAN 145 Sumerian Incantations and Rituals
111729 Demir, Meryem TURKISH AA Elementary Modern Turkish
113576 Demir, Meryem TURKISH 120A Intermediate Modern Turkish
118284 Taskomur, Himmet TURKISH 140A Intro to Ottoman Turkish I
126430 Taskomur, Himmet TURKISH 150A Advanced Ottoman Turkish I
114058 Feldman, Sara YIDDISH AA Elementary Yiddish I
119874 Feldman, Sara YIDDISH BA Intermediate Yiddish I
123432 Feldman, Sara YIDDISH CA Advanced Yiddish I
207574 Zaritt, Saul YIDDISH 107 The Politics of Yiddish