Prospective Students


Welcome, Prospective Students!
If you are thinking about applying to NELC as an advanced degree candidate or considering NELC as a undergraduate concentration, we hope you will find useful information on this site. If you have questions not addressed here, please contact the NELC office at 617-495-5757.
The application deadline for NELC graduate degree candidates (A.M. and Ph.D.) for entering in fall term, generally falls during December of the preceding year. Applying for admission is an online process that is administered by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences admissions office. More information on admission to the PhD and AM programs can be found here. The graduate program overview page contains information about our degree programs. To acquaint you with current NELC graduate students, please see our graduate student directory and our link to recent student activity.
For undergraduate students thinking about a NELC concentration, see the undergraduate program overview. We encourage you to attend NELC events, and browse the undergraduate student directory to acquaint yourself with our current undergraduate students and their varied interests and activities. Click to see our faculty pages. If you have additional questions about the curriculum, feel free to consult Professor Gojko Barjamovic, our Director of Undergraduate Studies.
Please contact the NELC office if you have questions about our programs, or if you feel that additional information should be added to our website for prospective NELC students.