Methodologies in Egyptology and Mesopotamian Studies Workshop

Academic Year 2021-2022

Faculty Adviser:
Gojko Barjamovic (NELC),

Graduate Student Coordinators:
Gaia Bencini,
Andrew Deloucas,
Nisha Kumar,
Julia Puglisi,
Taha Yurttaş,

The Methodologies in Egyptology and Mesopotamian Studies (MEMS) workshop has two main goals: (1) to focus on the methodologies that are often applied to the study of ancient Egypt, the Near East, and their neighbors, particularly those methodologies that are cross-disciplinary, trending, and/or aid in the conservation/preservation of threatened ancient heritages; and (2) to foster dialogue between scholars of neighboring fields of the NELC department, especially between Assyriologists and Egyptologists, in addition to scholars of the anthropology and Classics departments, among others. Specifically, these methodologies relate to the disciplines and fields of anthropology, archaeology, conservation/preservation, digital humanities, philology, as well as various scientific and statistical analyses and approaches. By focusing on the application of these methodologies, scholars of neighboring fields can better understand one another, develop collaboration, and generate new approaches for their own research.

Meetings include ample time for questions and discussion after the presentation.

Those who are interested in attending should contact the MEMS coordinators to be put on the MEMS listserv.

Spring 2022 schedule:
Spring 2022 meetings will take place in person in HMANE 304, 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Feb 14 - Andrew Deloucas, G4: “I mustn’t make plentiful those whom owe me a favor”: Situating Ikūn-Pîša’s Letters in Early Old Babylonian Political and Civic Systems 

Feb 28 - Taha Yurttaş, G3: "Where Image and Word Meet: the Stele of Vultures"

Mar 7

Mar 28

Apr 11

Apr 25

May 2


Fall 2021 meetings:

Oct 19, 5:15 p.m.: Joe Currie (Committee on the Study of Religion; Ancient Studies):
"Mechanisms for Cultic Change in Achaemenid Uruk and Yehud"

Fall 2020 meetings:

Oct 2 - Julia Puglisi (Egyptology):  "All words and no play: Identifying paronomasia in New Kingdom texts with pattern matching"
Oct 16 - Trey Nation (Assyriology) 
Oct 30 - Jessica Patey (Committee on the Study of Religion)
Nov 13 - Andrew Pottorf (Assyriology)
Dec 4 - Dr. Hendrik Hameeuw (Senior Researcher, KU Leuven, Belgium)

Spring 2021 meetings

Feb 12 - Eric Aupperle (Assyriology): "When the Dead Devour the Living: On Akkadian Death Omens, Necromancy, and Babylonian 'Eschatology.'"

Feb 24 - Joe Currie (Committee on the Study of Religion)
Apr 7 - David A. Hannan (Hebrew Bible)
Apr 23 - Nisha Kumar (Egyptology)