Year One and Two

PhD candidates are required to complete a minimum of sixteen 4.0 credit courses or the equivalent. Particular requirements of certain fields of study may require additional coursework.

It is the rule of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations that no graduate student shall be permitted more than one grade of Incomplete per term (exceptions granted only in extreme cases). The student must complete the work of the course for which an Incomplete was granted within the following term and a letter grade will be recorded. Otherwise the Incomplete will stand in the student's permanent record. No more than two permanent Incompletes will be permitted, nor will any permanent Incomplete be allowed for a required course. If a student accumulates more than two permanent Incompletes, the student will be required to withdraw, unless the faculty determines by a two-thirds majority vote that extraordinary circumstances warrant an extension, which shall in no case exceed one term.

GSAS Requirements
In addition to departmental requirements, students are responsible for meeting the 'Common Requirements' set forth in Chapter 3 of the GSAS Handbook.