Joint concentration with other Departments

 (Nine 4.0 credit courses)

    Required courses: Four 4.0 credit courses in a language of the Near/Middle East, plus at least one other 4.0 credit course in the Near/Middle East dealing with literature, religion, government, economics, or society, as approved by the student's NELC mentor/advisor and the NELC director of undergraduate studies.
        Sophomore year: Near Eastern Civilizations 101 (formerly NEC 97) required
        Junior year: one 4.0 credit course of Near Eastern Civilizations 98 or The Modern Middle East 100, or another course to be chosen with the guidance and approval of the student's NELC mentor/advisor and the director of undergraduate studies.
        Senior year: Near Eastern Civilizations 99 (two  4.0 credit courses, one each per semester) or two terms of tutorial in the other concentration. Should be registered with the primary concentration, and have the approval of both concentration departments/programs.
    Thesis: Required. Thesis must be related to both concentrations; and both will participate in the grading of the thesis. For guidelines on the writing of the thesis, please consult the Guide to the Senior Honors Thesis.
    General Examination: Same as Requirements for Honors Eligibility; however, it will normally involve faculty from both concentration departments/programs