Apr 21-22: Symposium: “Approaching a Critique of Mesopotamian Reason”


Friday, April 21, 2017, 3:30pm to Saturday, April 22, 2017, 3:30pm


Barker Center 133. 12 Quincy St., Cambridge


It is my pleasure to invite you to the Volkswagen Fellowship Symposium “Approaching a Critique of Mesopotamian Reason”, which will be held on April 21–22, 2017. Speakers are Piotr Steinkeller (Harvard), Marc Van De Mieroop (Columbia), Tzvi Abusch (Brandeis), Enrique Jiménez (Madrid), Francesca Rochberg (Berkeley), Jay Crisostomo (Michigan), Eckart Frahm (Yale). I would like to thank the Volkswagen Foundation for the generous support, which made this event possible.

Click here for the program.

Since seating is limited, please RSVP to me (goesta_gabriel@fas.harvard.edu).

Kind regards,

Gösta Gabriel

(Fellow of the Mahindra Humanities Center)