Meryem Demir

Meryem Demir

Preceptor in Modern Turkish
Meryem Demir is the Preceptor in Modern Turkish. Before arriving at Harvard in July 2018, Meryem Demir was an Ataturk Turkish Fellow of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Edinburgh for two years and a Turkish lecturer at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara for seven years. She received her BA (Istanbul University) and MA (Marmara University) in Turkish Education and her PhD in Turkish Literature from Bilkent University with her dissertation title, “Youths of the Young Literature: Youths, Future and the Ideals in the Late Ottoman Novel.” She taught a broad range of courses including Turkish (as a native language and as a foreign language), Critical Reading, Culture-Society, and Literary Criticism, Oral Communication and Written Expression. Meryem Demir’s research interest draws on Modern Turkish Language and Literature, late 19th and early 20th Century Ottoman Modernization, Literary Criticism, Discourse Analysis, and Stylistics. She also published several conference papers and journal articles, and she is a published short story writer.

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