Khaled El-Rouayheb Edited Work, Commentary on the Jumal on Logic by Khūnajī, Published

Khaled El-Rouayheb has published the edited, Commentary on the Jumal on Logic by KhūnajīThis volume is currently available through Brill. Congratulations on the publication!

Ibn Wāṣil (d. 1298), perhaps better known today as a historian and an emissary to the court of King Manfred in southern Italy, was also an eminent logician. The present work is a critical edition of his main work in the field, a commentary on his teacher Khūnajī’s (d. 1248) handbook al-Jumal. The work helped consolidate the logic of the “later scholars” (such as Khūnajī). It also shows that commentators did much more than merely explain the original work and instead regularly discussed and assessed received views. Ibn Wāṣil’s work was an influential contribution to a particularly dynamic chapter in the history of Arabic logic.