Professorships / Teaching

Open Until Filled: Visiting Assistant Professor of Arabic_Kenyon College0 bytes
Due: Mar 1 2019_Visiting Lecturer in Islamic Studies_Wellesley College235 KB
Due: Mar 15 2019_Hebrew Language Fellow_Vassar College329 KB
Due: Mar 20 2019_Hebrew Lecturer_University of Michigan87 KB
Due: Mar 21 2019_Lecturer in the Program for the Study of Religion_UCSD208 KB
Due: Mar 29 2019_Associate Lecturer_Turkish Language and Culture_Australian National University93 KB
Due: Mar 30 1029_Temporary Faculty_Lecturer, History of the Middle East_UCLA27 KB
Due: Mar 30 2019_Temporary Faculty_Lecturer, History of Israel and Palestine_UCLA27 KB
Due: Apr 4 2019 _Assistant or Associate Professor in Hebrew Bible_Aarhus University97 KB
Due: Rolling Basis_Adjunct Faculty_American Public Universities98 KB
Due: Open Ended_Assistant Professor_Middle Eastern History335 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Pedagogy Fellows_Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning345 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Senior Lecturer_Egyptology_University of Birmingham234 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Assistant Professor_Jewish Studies_Vanderbilt484 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Visiting Lecturer_Active Learning_Tufts University180 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Professorship_Art and Architecture of the Islamic World_Rice University212 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Assistant Professor_Medieval Jewish Literature_JTS231 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Assistant Professor - Ancient Near Eastern History_University in Toronto274 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Assistant Professor_ANE_University_of_Toronto342 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Islamic or Ottoman Archaeology_Visiting Professorship_American University of Beirut181 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Assistant Professor_Modern Middle East_American University of Beirut231 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Assistant Professor_Modern Hebrew Literature_NYU188 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Assistant Professor_Modern Hebrew Literature_UC Berkeley352 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Language Lecturer_Modern Hebrew_NYU322 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Assistant Professor_Islamic Studies_University of Florida452 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Instructor_Biblical Hebrew_Mythology_University of British Columbia366 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Assistant Professor Search_Jews in the Islamic World_Emory University154 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Middle Eastern Politics_Associate Professor _Old Dominion University357 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Lecturer in Hebrew Language_Columbia University320 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Tenured Position_Old Testament_Princeton Theological Seminary184 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Professor of Arabic Studies_University of Texas408 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Ancient World Biblical Studies_Western Washington University324 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Lecturer in the Arabic Language_Colgate University385 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Assistant Professor in Ancient Mesopotamian Civilization_Brandeis University100 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Foreign Language Teacher_Hebrew_US Army72 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Associate Professor_Egyptology and Coptic Studies_University of Oxford344 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies_University of Helsinki196 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Professorship_Near East and Egyptology_Heidelberg University244 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_ Assistant Professor_Hebrew_US Army72 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Visiting Assistant Professor_Hebrew Bible_University of Houston95 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Hebrew Tutor_Bard College181 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Jena99 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Instructor in Modern Hebrew_College of Charleston119 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_4 Faculty Positions in Digital and Public Humanities Relevant to NELC182 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Visiting Instructor_Religious Studies, Biblical Scriptures and Ancient World190 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Lectureship in Assyriology_Leiden University51 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Tenure Faculty in Judaic Studies_College of Idaho173 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Hebrew language Instructor_Columbia University215 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Professor in Social and Culture of Islam_University of Lausanne168 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Visiting Faculty_Biblical Studies_Bar-Ilan University233 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Lecturer_Ancient Near East_University of Birmingham133 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Lecturer in Biblical Hebrew_Leo Baeck College187 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Lecturer in Hebrew_Washington University193 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Tenure Track Professor_Hebrew Language_Tel-Aviv University178 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Arabic Language Lectureship_Bowdoin College - Copy124 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Visiting Assistant Professor of Arabic_Kenyon College194 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_University Lecturer in Biblical Studies_Lund University205 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Visiting Lecturer_Tufts University184 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Lecturer in Persian Language_University of Oslo225 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Assistant Professor_Hebrew Bible/Old Testament_The University of St Andrews175 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Tenure Track Senior Academic Position_Archaeology Levant_Tel Aviv University166 KB