Samir Seikaly

Samir Seikaly

Shawwaf Visiting Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Appointment Dates: January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022
Samir Seikaly

Following a career in teaching and publications, Dr. Samir Seikaly is currently Emeritus Professor in the Department of History and Archeology at the American University of Beirut, having received his Doctorate’s degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies, the University of London.

His publications argue that the Arabic Press, itself the product of the Arab Nahda, constitutes an ‘Arab Archive of the daily’ which documents the dramatic socio-economic transformations experienced by several Arab regions still subject to Ottoman suzerainty, as well as giving voice to a growing Arab political constituency and cultural entity.

In this archive of the daily, the Muqtabas paper/magazine, both owned and edited by Muhammad Kurd Ali, figure prominently. Paradoxically, neither the two publications nor their proprietor have received attention consistent with their historical salience. Over the last few years, Dr. Seikaly has been involved in the preparation of a book that would compensate for this state of affairs. His research activity in Harvard will play a major role in achieving that end.

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