Sami Alkyam

Sami Alkyam

Preceptor in Arabic

Sami Alkyam, Preceptor in Arabic Language and Literature, has published “Dictating the Narrative and Resisting Dictatorships in Saᶜdī’s Novel al-Aᶜẓam.” Studies in Literature and Language, Canadian Academy of Oriental and Occidental Culture, 15:5 (2017). He, along with Assistant Professor, Reem Hilal, have co-translated the Yemeni Novel, Ṭā’ir al-Kharāb (The Bird of Destruction), and it is under review for publication through Syracuse University Press. He has also been invited to participate in a panel on, Retrospective Assessment of The Second Half-Century of African Language and Culture Scholarship and Instruction at UW Madison, which will take place on April 13, 2018. Sami has also received the Harvard College Teaching Excellence Certificate for his special contribution to the teaching of Harvard College students for the three classes he taught in Fall (2017). 

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