Richard James Saley

Richard James Saley

Lecturer on the Ancient Near East
Richard James Saley

Dr. Saley has been a member of the Harvard faculty since 1993, functioning as Lecturer both in NELC and in the Divinity School. He focuses primarily, but not exclusively, on the Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible and on Septuagint Studies and is particularly interested in tracing the development of and interaction between the Hebrew and Greek textual traditions in pre-canonical late Second Temple Judaism. The practical outgrowth of this quest shapes the techniques for restoring lost/corrupted passages in the Masoretic Text on the basis of other Hebrew (mainly Dead Sea Scrolls) or Greek (mainly Septuagint) texts, or on the basis of biblical texts in other languages or in citations from ancient authors. Among his publications are: The Samuel Manuscript of Jacob of Edessa: A Study in Its Underlying Textual Traditions; and (with Frank M. Cross, D.W. Parry, and E. Ulrich) Qumran Cave 4. XII:1-2 Samuel (Discoveries in the Judaean Desert 17).

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