External Fellowships, Postdocs, and Prizes

Many non-Harvard fellowships, scholarships and awards are available; even simply applying for such positions and awards can provide valuable experience to students. Therefore, NELC encourages our graduate and undergraduate students to compete for external funding from institutions, foundations, and governmental agencies.

Due: Rolling Basis_Fellowships at W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research (AIAR) in Jerusalem185 KB
Due: May 1 2018_Junior Fellows in Science, Religion, and Culture_Harvard University409 KB
Due: Mar 20 2018_Undergraduate Fellowship in Religion, and Culture_Harvard University406 KB
Due: Mar 16 2018_Grant_Armenian Archaeology and History173 KB
Due: Mar 4 2018_Postdoc Researcher in Assyriology_Leiden University10 KB
Due: Mar 1 2018_Jewish Studies Summer Program_University of Pennsylvania297 KB
Due: Mar 1 2018_2 Postdocs_Ancient Near East and Archaeology_Tel Aviv University183 KB
Due: Mar 1 2018_Society of Biblical Literature_Regional Scholars Awards225 KB
Due: Feb 28 2018_Ancient Mediterranean PhD Fellowship_Getty Foundation196 KB
Due: Feb 27 2018 _Research Fellow_ Center for Jewish Studies Heidelberg183 KB
Due: Feb 25 2018_PhD Scholarship_Study of NA Jewish_Ben-Gurion University276 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Fellowship at CAARI_US Embassy in Cyprus168 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Postdoc in Ancient Near East and Egyptology_GRK181 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_GSAS Summer Funding_Jewish Studies_CJS63 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Arabic Language Postdoc_Bowdoin College124 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Diversity Doctoral Fellowship269 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Fellowships from American Center of Oriental Research in Amman191 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_The Barns Studentship for Egyptology_Oxford University176 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Urback Doctoral Fellowship_Jewish Studies409 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_North Africa_AIMS Grants Program188 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Doctoral Researcher_Ancient Near East_University of Helsinki191 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Apollo Visiting Fellowship_University of Sydney125 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Teaching Fellowship_Ancient Middle Eastern History_University College London125 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Research Fellowship_Middle East Initiative168 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_ARCE Fellowship_Egyptology170 KB
ARCHIVED SAMPLE ONLY_Postdoctoral Fellowship_Religion, Conflict, Peace_Truman Institute216 KB