COVID-19 Resources for NELC Students & Faculty

This page will stay updated with Harvard's relevant communications and resources regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

NELC Students: If you are in need of guidance, resources, or support, please don't hesitate to reach out to NELC staff, who are accessible via email during business hours.


A Message from Khaled El-Rouayheb, Chair of the Department

We are living through turbulent times. A few years ago, there was much talk of “black swan events” – momentous yet entirely unforeseen, though rationalized after the fact as “we should have seen this coming”. Here's one. Our lives have been turned upside down in a matter of weeks, exposing the fragility of our world and our tenuous grasp and control of it. I want to take this opportunity to reassure students that we – faculty and staff – will do what we can to ease the difficulties in the weeks ahead, though it is only fair to say that the situation is entirely new and challenging to us as well. Our ever-reliable student coordinator Eva Misho has sent out some information about prospectuses, defenses, exams, applications for teaching fellowships, and graduation. I realize there is a lot to digest, and we are happy to discuss any remaining worries you may have. I also trust that you understand that such quotidian tasks must continue, and that we must all adapt to get through what remains of this term without compromising the high standards that are the reason you chose to spend the primes of your lives at Harvard. One of the most impactful items of news I have heard recently was that of Italians confined to their houses, yet singing and playing music at their window-sills unto the street, in defiance of the virus. To get through this, we must all be empathetic and flexible but also resilient.

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