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Harvard and the Ancient Near East: Digital Pioneers @ Harvard

August 14, 2014

Harvard and the Ancient Near East: The David Gordon Lyon Diaries

"While busy founding Harvard’s Semitic Museum, organizing several archeological expeditions to the Near East, establishing the Division of Semitic Languages and History, holding a sequence of prestigious professorships, and playing an outsized part in the life of the university, David Gordon Lyon (1852–1935) also found the time to write over 38 volumes of diaries." see complete article

"Inside a Beating Silicon Heart" Forbes, 1/6/2014

January 6, 2014

At the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Harvard professor Peter Der Manuelian is converting its impressive collection of photos, diaries, drawings and documents from Egypt’s Giza pyramids into 3-D models so he can take students inside the tombs for a realistic view of the Fourth Dynasty. Armed with that rich data and a 3-D printer, he’s even re-creating ancient Egyptian artifacts that had long since vanished.