NELC in the media

Semitic Museum Fundraises to Increase Digitization, Harvard Crimson 3/7/2016

March 7, 2016

Between $10 and $50 million would be needed to renovate the museum building and gallery spaces, increase digitization efforts, and pursue international collaborations among other initiatives, according to Semitic Museum Director and Egyptology professor Peter Der Manuelian ’81. “My goal is to revitalize the place further,” Der Manuelian said. “So I want to make this an exciting destination on campus.

"A throne fit for an Egyptian queen" Boston Globe, 2/9/2016

February 9, 2016

Tunneling deep below ground, archaeologists with a joint Harvard University/Museum of Fine Arts excavation team knew they were onto something big. It was 1925, and after weeks of clearing a burial shaft at Giza, Egypt, they had an unprecedented find: the undisturbed tomb of Queen Hetepheres, an Egyptian royal who lived some 4,500 years ago. Read complete story.

"Age-old enchantments" Harvard Gazette, 10/27/2015

October 28, 2015

"Last semester, students in Gojko Barjamovic’s general education course “Ancient Near East 103: Ancient Lives” touched the ancient past. For class credit, undergrads spent hours helping recreate plaster casts of ancient reliefs that once hung in the Assyrian royal palaces at Nimrud and Nineveh, territory in Northern Iraq today controlled by ISIL."  See complete article and video.