NELC has three main fields, each comprising several subfields.  

Ancient Near Eastern Studies

whose sub-fields include

a. Akkadian and Sumerian Studies
b. Archaeology of the Levant
c. Armenian Studies
d. Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
e. Iranian Studies *
f. Egyptology


Jewish History and Culture

whose sub-fields include

a. The Hebrew Bible in Its Jewish Interpretive Context
b. Jewish History and Culture of Antiquity
c. Medieval Jewish History and Culture
d. Modern Jewish History and Culture
e. Modern Jewish Literatures


Histories and Cultures of Muslim Societies

whose sub-fields include

a. Arabic language and literature
b. Islamic religion and culture
c. Islamic intellectual history (especially philosophy and theology)
d. Islamic institutional history
e. Islamic law
f. Modern Arabic literature and culture
g. Indo-Muslim Culture: The Study of Muslim Societies in South Asia
h. Islam in Africa


In addition, students may apply for a fourth comparative or diachronic field that will draw on the strengths of the faculty across boundaries presupposed by the fields outlined above. Examples might include comparative Semitic linguistics; Jewish and Islamic law or scriptural interpretation; the intersection of Jewish and/or Arabic cultures with the Iranian/Zoroastrian world.

The NELC Department reserves the right to alter all guidelines and information listed here.

* Potential applicants to NELC who are interested in Iranian Studies, should consult the department before applying.

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