Gateway Courses

Gateway courses will give you foundational training and exposure to the field in preparation for the more specialized advanced work that you will do in your chosen concentration pathway or secondary field.

The department offers four secondary field pathways, with specific gateway courses, for undergraduate concentrators and for secondary field candidates from departments other than NELC:

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Middle East in Antiquity

Ancient Near East 100. History of the Ancient Near East
Ancient Near East 102. Introduction to Mesopotamian Religion
Ancient Near East 103. Ancient Lives
Ancient Near East 120a. Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament 1: Pentateuch and Former Prophets
Ancient Near East 120b. Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament 2: Latter Prophets and Writings
Ancient Near East 126. History of the Religion of Ancient Israel
Ancient Near East 128. Ancient Egypt and the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
Culture and Belief 23. From the Hebrew Bible to Judaism, From the Old Testament to Christianity
Egyptian 150. Voices from the Nile: Ancient Egyptian Literature in Translation
Societies of the World 38. Pyramid Schemes: The Archaeological History of Ancient Egypt

Jewish Studies

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 29. Modern Jewish Literature
Culture and Belief 27. "Among the Nations:" Jewish History in Pagan Christian and Muslim Context
History 60e (formerly History 1025). Overlapping Spheres: Jewish Life in Early Modern Europe
History 1083. American Jewish History
Religion 25. Introduction to Judaism
Societies of the World 35. Conditional Equality: The Case of the Jews of Europe in Modern Times

Histories and Cultures of Muslim Societies (Islamic Studies)

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 54: For the Love of God and His Prophet: Religion, Literature and the Arts in Muslim Cultures
Culture and Belief 19: Understanding Islam and Contemporary Muslim Societies
Islamic Civilizations 145a: Introduction to Islamic Philosophy and Theology: The Formative and Classical Periods (8th to 15th centuries)
Islamic Civilizations 145b: Introduction to Islamic Philosophy and Theology: The Early-Modern and Modern Periods (16th to 20th centuries)
Islamic Civilizations 175. Islam in African History
Islamic Civilizations 183: Reform and Revival in Modern Islam, 19th -20th centuries
Religion 1802: Introduction to Islamic Mysticism: The Sufi Tradition
Religion 1806: The Vocabulary of Islam

Modern Middle Eastern Studies

The Modern Middle East 100 (formerly Near Eastern Civilizations 100). Approaches to Middle Eastern Studies (required for concentration and secondary field)
The Modern Middle East 105 (formerly Near Eastern Civilizations 105). Peoples and Societies of the Middle East
The Modern Middle East 111 (formerly Islamic Civilizations 105). Culture and Society in Contemporary Iran
The Modern Middle East 160r (formerly Turkish 160r). History of Modern Turkey through Literature
Culture and Belief 41 (formerly Historical Study A-67). Gender, Islam, and Nation in the Middle East and North Africa
History 1860. Understanding the Middle East: 1800s to the Present
Islamic Civilizations 170. Islam, Modernity and Politics
Societies of the World 46 (formerly Anthropology 1621). The Anthropology of Arabia