Fellowships, Research Scholar, Post docs

Many non-Harvard fellowships, scholarships and awards are available; even simply applying for such positions and awards can provide valuable experience to students. Therefore, NELC encourages our graduate and undergraduate students to compete for external funding from institutions, foundations, and governmental agencies.

Link: The Momina Cheema Fellowship (priority to NELC students)

Link: Research Opportunities at the Center for Jewish History

Link: Research Opportunities, European Association for Jewish Studies

Link: ASOR-Canada. Mary Louise Mussell Student Travel Fellowship. Deadline 3/30/2015

Link: Tel Aviv University, fellowships and scholarships

File: Archeological Institute of America

Fellowships in Field Archaeology; no deadline stated41 KB
Fellowships Ariel University; no deadline stated42 KB
Postdocs Archaeological Research UAE; no deadline stated67 KB
Fellowships Leo Baeck Institute; deadline 4/13/201553 KB
Predoc Judaeo-Christian Encounters; deadline 4/13/201543 KB
Postdocs Religion in the Mediterranean; deadline 4/15/201539 KB
Postdoc: Egyptology; deadline 4/15/201568 KB
Postdoc: Archaeology / Ancient world; deadline 4/22/201545 KB
postdoc Mid-East in Europe; deadline 4/24/201561 KB
Scholarships Tel Aviv Univ; deadlines various47 KB
Scholarship Hebrew Bible; deadline 5/1/201534 KB
Fellowship: Mamluk Era; deadline 5/1/2015259 KB
Research Grant Oriental Institute; deadline 5/4/201551 KB
EURIAS fellowships; deadline 6/5/201564 KB
Research grants - Fitch laboratory; deadline 6/5/201545 KB